Drying technique

Issues related to moisture damage and a relatively high humidity are common consequences of leaks. Vochttechniek is more than happy to take care of these problems for you by drying your residence or office building. The technique we utilise is very aptly named; the dry technique.

We are very experienced in dealing with many different types of water damage, such as damage as a result of heavy rainfall, floods, and leaks.

Our specialists take great care in their work in order to make sure that you do not have to worry about extra costs as a result of repairs.

Drying process

High humidity or water damage can result in a dramatic loss of quality in products that naturally attract water. As a result, mould and rust can start to break down vital elements of, for example, the foundations of your residence or office building.

The drying process is analysed and registered regularly. We do this to make sure that your possessions are not damaged and are returned to their former state. One of our specialist will regularly perform various readings; in some cases, these do not have to be completed on location.

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