What is leak detection?

Leak detection is a method which utilises high-tech equipment in order to detect the cause of a leak in a very accurate and fast way. Our experts are able to pinpoint where water builds up and where it comes from. Additionally, they will thoroughly inform you about the exact location of the leak so that superfluous construction work can be avoided. Our specialists are known to think ‘out of the box’ which means that they are able to detect the most complicated leaks where others would not.

It is of the utmost importance that leaks are detected quickly and that possible damage is taken care of immediately. This will prevent the build up of mould or rust, and even lasting damage to the foundations of your home or office building. Leaks can be extremely problematic and frustrating; do not hesitate to get into contact.

The most common techniques we utilise


Vochttechniek utilises the most modern, high-end endoscopes witch which we are able to internally check piping for leaks. An endoscope is a slim, agile camera which is used to detect leaks in not easily accessible areas. Examples of these area’s are the space underneath a bathtub or shower basin, piping shafts, and crawlspaces. The major benefit of this method is that the procedure causes relatively little damage to the structure and is able to be performed quickly.


By using a special infrared camera, we are able to look into the construction of, for example, floor heating and plumbing systems. This method enables us to detect leaks and heat loss due to bad insulation quickly and effectively.

Tracing gas

Sometimes leaks in plumbing can be extremely small and therefore very hard to detect. By utilising this 100% safe gas, which we circulate through the system, we are able to detect even the smallest leaks.

Dielectric monitoring

This equipment enables us to monitor the moisture levels in the soil by creating an electrical field. This method is generally used in order to detect rising damp and the moisture spread in various constructions.

Sound detection

We make use of sound detection in order to find the cause of leaking plumbing; the sound of running water is changed when a leak is present in the plumbing. Vochttechniek is able to listen to the sound changes by using an aquaphon in order to detect the specific location of the leak.

Pressure test

By pressurising the pipes of the system, we are able to monitor loss of pressure; a direct result of a leak or other type of damage. Besides detecting leaks in water based systems, this method works equally well when detecting leaks in gas systems

Flue gas detection

This technique utilises blowing smoke through the system in order to detect the location of the leak. This method also enables the detection of draft locations in, for example, windowsills. Detecting these locations will enable you to insulate these areas better, and save money on heating costs.

UV light detection

This method uses coloured pigment which is pumped into plumbing systems in order to detect leaks. This method can be completed by using UV light. The special UV tracing lamp which is used by our skilled employees traces the source of the leak. We use different colours in order to perform multiple test at the same time.

Miscellaneous techniques:

  • Moisture readings by using calciumcarbid method
  • Pulse power technique for swimming pools and ponds
  • Data loggers for RV and T-value monitoring
  • Accurate readings of plumbing systems through the use of probe technique
  • Humidity and dew point readings
  • Air current readings
  • Sewer camera
  • Ultrasonic

100% yield out of your (floor) heating system

Apart from leak detection, thermography systems are used in order to judge floor, ceiling, and CV heating systems. This way you will gain a yield of 100% out of your system which in turn saves a lot of money.


Professionals in Leak detection

Vochttechniek is your specialist when it comes to leak detection. We have the experience as well as the resources to find a solution for any type of leak related problem you might be experiencing. In some cases, coordination with your insurance company will be necessary; we provide this service as well.

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