The organization below has been recognized by the Stichting Keurmerk Erkende Vochtexperts (SKEV): has had experience in detecting all kinds of leaks since 1989. With our detection methods we guarantee to find the cause of your problem, after which we can solve the nuisance professionally.

A leak is of course always annoying. This must be resolved as quickly as possible, because otherwise you may have to deal with leakage problems or flooding and / or consequential damage. You can of course try to find and solve the problem yourself, but this is not always easy. To identify and solve the problem as quickly as possible, please contact a professional. Do you live in Haarlem or the surrounding area? Then we are your leak detection company. We from can quickly and easily detect the leak for you without cutting or breaking the walls, floors or ceilings of your home. Our experts work with modern equipment and techniques, with which the problem can be quickly localized and solved.


Leak detection among other things for water pipes, central heating systems, underfloor heating, drainage pipes, sprinkler installations.

Leak detection through endoscopy, infrared, dyes, tracer gas.

Hulswitweg 20
2031 BG Haarlem The Netherlands

023 528 65 87

Work area

Whole of the Netherlands, with a focus on Haarlem, Amsterdam and surroundings.